23 Oct

“Oh No!”

“My Pumpkin”

“Why can’t I get this damn bag off of my wrist” as I throw my pocketbook to the ground

“I hope that they aren’t watching” as I look up and see a family getting into their blue van at the curb. The dad smiled at his kid whom I couldn’t see because he was already inside.

These are the thoughts that went through my head as I went down.

My family and I had just finished decorating our pumpkins at my son’s school. It was a cute, free event that the PTA threw.

On the way in I had said to my husband that it was going to be rough for me in there. I was already really tired. Inside I knew that there would be tons of people, lots of noise, and kids running all over the place. So chaos, just lots of chaos. My brain does not preform well in chaos. My eyes do not preform well in chaos. So I was expecting problems.

I made it through though. It was fine. We had a good time. It wasn’t until the walk to the car afterwards that my body decided to betray me.

We were walking down the sidewalk and all of a sudden I was falling to the ground in slow motion. Why does it seem to happen in slow motion? Hence I had time for all of the above thoughts.

They say that in car accidents involving a sleeping or drunk driver it is the one sleeping or drunk that walks away. Everyone else is badly injured. But the one that is unconscious, the one that caused the accident, is the one that is fine. Well it is the same situation here. My left leg was the drunk driver. All of a sudden it didn’t exist. I’m not sure what happened to it. I just know that my right leg kicked into high gear. My toes took the brunt of the attack. I have a gapping hole in one of them and the rest are all swollen and scrapped. Same with the top of my foot. I also have some missing skin on my knee. But this is all on my right foot/leg. The left one is fine. Like I had somehow detached it during the fall and put it back on afterwards. I am still wondering how I managed to land in a kneeling position on one leg. Especially since my equilibrium and I do not get along.

Since I have been having issues with my left leg for a couple of weeks now I decided that it was time to seek help outside of the internet. So I called my Neuro today. And in true Neuro fashion first I got to talk to a nurse. I told her my whole story. She said that she would talk to the doc and let me know what he says. Then the Neuro calls me. I tell him my whole story. He said that it could be anything. (Great now he sounds like my husband) Then he says that there is only one way to find out if it is MS or something else. So I say good let’s do that. He said ok, I need to see you immediately. Geeze. Ok so now I have an appointment tomorrow morning.

Of course now my dislike of doctors is stirred. I think that I made a mistake calling. Even if he can figure out what is wrong with my leg, even if it is MS related, there isn’t anything that anybody can do about it. So now I feel like I am wasting a busy man’s time. UHG! But at the same time, what if it is MS related? What if I don’t go and it gets worse. Maybe I’ll fall again, maybe on a regular basis. AH! Now I am loosing my mind. It’s nothing. Tomorrow he will tell me that it is nothing and I will just feel bad for wasting his time. Well either way I will keep you posted.

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