Day 2 of Summer

25 Jun

Well, we survived the first day!

Yesterday was my little bear’s birthday. Noah is 6 now. I’m trying to use this fact as a way to get him to give up his blankie. Yes that’s what it’s called. Blankie. It is literally the generic yellow blanket that the hospital wrapped him in exactly 6 years ago. I guess he looks back at that time as fondly as I do because no other blankie will do. We have tried to replace it with other, softer, yellow blankies but he won’t have it. I spent the last 6 years thinking “I hope we don’t lose it.” And now I’m feeling completely the opposite.

I asked Noah “if you could do anything in the world on your birthday what would it be?” He didn’t answer the way I would have at 6. I would have said something ridiculous like “Go to outer space”. Instead he chose to go to Johnson’s Farm. I like it. A little bit of more down home type of fun. No space suits needed.

So our first day of summer was full of Pedal Go Carts, Splash Pads, Play Grounds, and Noah’s favorite the Pretend Farm. We took a nice little break in the middle for some “Birthday Cake” ice cream. The ice cream was called Birthday Cake. And taste like Birthday Cake it absolutely did, icing and all. Once all the kids had had enough, HA!, we took their wet, tired bodies home. Then Rich made a fancy dinner for the birthday boy at his request. We had Chicken Francaise, which he calls lemon chicken. Technically he’s not wrong. But that’s like when everybody that lives around me calls it “Water Ice”. What is that? Me and my ginormous brain figured it out without asking. But seriously people it is “Italian Ice”. Jeeze!

Now today was my infusion. But don’t despair. The kids still had fun. They got to hang out at my parent’s house with their cousins. So there was lots of pool time and running around outside.

I’m not sure that I am going to be able to keep up the level of activity that has been going on around here so far this summer. And somehow I need to squeeze in those educational “Prepare for 1st/5th grade” books. The rest of this week for me will be filled with prep work for Noah’s party this weekend. He is having a Luau. There are going to be fish and flowers and palm trees everywhere.

Alright I paused for dinner and a walk with my mom and the kids. 4 miles on Infusion day. I’m kinda proud of that. Of course now I will probably be dead tired tomorrow. But Starbucks as a destination for a walk, how could I resist?

Technically now we have survived day two. Onward and upward. Tomorrow is WW in the morning a little birthday present shopping in the afternoon and then party prep and lots of Wimbledon to watch. Hopefully the cleaning won’t get in the way of the tennis! : )



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