Field Day

30 May

Maybe it is just me, but I expect teachers to be able to handle their students. This is the second year in a row that when it came to a group outing (we only went outside) the actual teacher was no were to be found. Instead my son’s class was paraded (such a sad, sad, sad parade, it was more like a mob) around by the computer teacher. And he is ancient. And he had no control of the kids! It took absolutely all of my energy to not step in and take over. All the teacher was supposed to do was walk the kids from event to event and make sure that they were on time everywhere. Then there were high school students who were running the various events. Well neither was competent! The kids were all over the place. AH!

Ok so I’m complaining.

Maybe I expect perfection from people but I’m pissed if I don’t at least get competence.

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