Good Deed?

17 May

I can’t tell if I just did a good deed or if I was just shamefully swindled. (Swindled may not be the right word) So I am either ridiculously gullible, or have absolutely no trust in the human race. I think that both are true, but I’m not sure which one overrode this situation.

So I’m walking down the “main street” in my town and a woman grabs my arm and pulls me over to the wall. I wasn’t too thrilled about that. And asked me if she can ask me a question.

No I did not say you just did.

She seemed really upset about something. I thought that she was going to ask me were something was. Like the hospital.

But no it went more like this;

Lady- I know that I look like I’m doing ok.
And as I just pointed out, she looked like she should be asking me directions to the hospital. So I was a little confused.
Lady- I have decent clothes on and jewelry.
Now I actually payed attention to what she was wearing, I have a tendency to overlook those things. She did look decently dressed. Possibly new clothes. A giant diamond ring, may have been fake I don’t know, and other jewelry. So I agreed with her. Yes she looked fine financially speaking.

Me in my head- where is this going?!?

She’s now holding my hand and I am quit happy that I did not wear my ring today. (Yes that’s what I was thinking)

Lady- well I’m very hungry.

I must have looked skeptical because then she added…

Lady- and my daughter is in the car back there (I saw no car, no daughter) and she’s hungry too.

It’s possible that I still was having a hard time believing this lady because she added…

Lady- and she’s pregnant.

Well fine.

Lady- I was wondering if you could buy us some food.

Well thank god she didn’t ask for money. I don’t have any.

Lady- there’s a chicken place right over there could you get us some fried chicken? (We are literally standing outside a pizzeria.)

I said why don’t we get some pizza from right here.

Lady- well my grandson really likes fried chicken and he’s in the car too.


Me- how about we just go inside right here and I will get you some pizza.

Lady- ok can you get two slices?

As we are half way to the counter

Lady- can you get 4 slices so that my grandson can have 2 slices.

Now we are at the counter

Lady- actually could you get me six slices or maybe a small pie?


Alright so hungry person, I’m good with feeding them. I asked the guy behind the counter for a whole pie. Then she pipes up again talking to the guy behind the counter

Lady- do you have chicken fingers

Yes of course they do

Lady- could I have an order of those?

Now I stop the crap. I looked at the guy and said no, just the pie. Then…

Lady- no, no, that will be in stead if the pizza. My nephew really wants chicken.

Your WHAT?!? And what about all of the other people that you said you needed to feed?

So I tell the guy just the pizza and start wondering which one of us has wholes in their brain.

Lady- does that come with drinks?

Guy behind the counter- no, you are going to have to convince someone else to buy you that.


So I paid and left.

I have no idea what just happened. I had no problem helping this lady out, but holy crap was she sketchy.

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One response to “Good Deed?

  1. Estizer A. Smith

    May 27, 2013 at 12:32 am

    WOW…just WOW!


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