14 May

I had my 6 month Nero Appointment.
I told the Nero, the nurse, and the physical therapist how things are going and my new issues. The consensus of opinion is that….

Wait for it….

I have MS.

Shocker, I know.

Apparently everything going on with me is normal for a person with MS. It’s just the new fun filled world that I get to live in now.

So no new MRI. I was upset about that. I like to have proof that there are holes. It makes me feel like I’m not loosing my mind.

Now they are testing for the JC virus every 6 months so I’m being tested for that again.
I have decided that even if it comes back positive I am going to stay on Tysabri for another year. Studies show that I will most likely be ok the first year. Of course I haven’t talked to Rich about this. And he may not be so cavalier with my life.

The Nero has sent me for a cognitive function test. He said that it will help pin point exactly where and what the problem is. After that they can give me some therapy to help with it.
But no magic pill. Which is what I was hoping for.

My mom thinks that I am being too hard on myself. That I shouldn’t be expecting so much from myself. All I’m expecting is normal though. I didn’t think that that was too much. The doc said that this is my new normal.

Well I’m here to tell you that it sucks!!!

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