The Grimm Legacy by: Polly Shulman

02 Apr

I used to feel strange reading a book written for teenagers. (And actually I think that this book would be good for even younger than that.) Then I decided that an adult wrote it, so what could be wrong with an adult reading it right? If it looks like something that is going to peek my interest why not dive right in? I’m really glad that I made that decision. This book was very cute and thought provoking. It could have easily been a topic for an adult fantasy book. I believe that it could have even been a series if books. It was such a rich story line with so many possibilities. Now this does not mean that I think that the author failed in keeping it a young reader. This is a great book for kids. It could make any kid believe that there is magic out there. I know that it would have given libraries and museums even more of an air of mystery than they already had. Hell it did anyway, even in my 30s. I will always want to believe that there is magic out there somewhere.

A quick overview of this book without spoiling anything for those of you brave enough to read a young reader.

Elizabeth, the main character, is a high school student who doesn’t seem to quite fit in. Then she is offered a job at a repository. Which was like a library for things not just books. You could take out clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, really anything that you could think of from any time period.

After working there for a while Elizabeth realizes that there are even more unusual things to borrow from this repository. Magical things. This is when the story picks up speed and gets interesting. Her and a couple of the other kids that work there end up getting themselves into a world of magical trouble. You aren’t quite sure if they are going to get out of their predicament when the most unexpected things happen. Are they good things, bad things? You are just going to have to read it and find out.

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