Snow Tubing

19 Jan

Last night we went Snow Tubing at Blue Mountain in PA. I had never been snow tubing before. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing. I have one of the blow up tubes for my kids to use at the park or actually just in my yard when it snows. But I was unaware that ski resorts had entire areas that were set up for some serious snow tubing. What fun.

So I was going into it thinking that this would be awesome, and it was. I just wasn’t thinking about the end result that this would have on my Swiss cheese brain.

We decided to do the single tubes first. You grab your tube, which you pull along the snow by an attached nylon rope. Then you wait your turn to go on a moving walkway. It’s like the ones at the airport, but they are taking steeply up hill. Well Rich and his friend Joe took the kids, this was not a calculated action, just the way it worked out with us standing in line. Then the guy at the bottom made me wait a minute before I went up. Essentially making it feel like I am going up by myself. Well my equilibrium did not handle the being moved uphill very well. Not to mention the fact that you are pulling the tube, because it is heavy, but not heavy enough for the belt to register it’s existence. So you are being pulled and also pulling the tube. Probably doesn’t sound as complicated as it felt. I had a really hard time keeping my balance. Almost fell a couple of times. I’m not really sure how my kids handled it.

Going down was awesome though. They tied Noah’s tube to mine and we went down together. It was a lot of fun. And with our combined weight we won the trip to the bottom. So much fun!

Then we went on the family tube. It’s a much larger tube, 4 people fit on one. You drag the tube the same way that you drag the singles, they are just heavier. But to get up the hill you all sit in it and you are attached to a pulley system that pulls you up the hill. At the top of the hill there is a big sign that says “Roll Out”. So this being my first time, and true to the sign, I rolled out. Actually Tyler, Noah and I rolled out at the same time. It was the most bizarre and total abandon on being graceful that I have ever experienced. I was so nervous about being run over by the tube behind me that my only thought was “move quick”. So after rolling out of the tube I crawled out of the way and up the rest of the hill. I wasn’t even embarrassed. It definitely feels like something I should have been mortified about, but I couldn’t stop laughing. And then my kids are laughing at me/with me. It was hysterical. Meanwhile, my husband (who somehow gracefully walked right out of the tube and up the hill) is walking away with the giant tube trying to pretend that he doesn’t know us! It was just too much! (in a good way). If someone had videoed it they could make a lot of money on America’s Funniest Home Videos. If you see it on You Tube attach a link. 🙂

The trip down was awesome again. We had the guy at the top who was sending us down spin us. It was really really fun. Unfortunately, or Yeah I can finally do this, I didn’t think about the holes at all. So once at the bottom, after spinning down so fast that the world was just a giant cold blur of laughter, I couldn’t stand up. And again with the rushing. They want you to jump out of your tube and climb across all the other lanes and lane separators so that the next group of people can come down. So without thinking I stood up. Next thing I know I’m back on the floor of the tube. And the rest of my family is already across the lanes waiting for me. Jeez! So I stumble up and make it across the lanes with the tube. Did this stop me from going down again? No! Did this stop me from telling the guy at the top to spin me? No! I went down a whole bunch more times and still had a blast. At least now I knew to give myself a second before I tried to stand up. But every time I went up with the family tube it was like a comedy act. Every time I tried I fell out and then crawled the rest of the way. Did I ever get upset about it? Ha! No! It was the funniest thing ever! Did Rich keep walking away like he didn’t know me? Yes! Jeez I can’t help being a klutz I guess. But it was just too funny!

The one bad thing that happened though was with Noah. He had a hard time standing on the moving walkway up the hill. Having to drag his tube along with him proved to be too much. He made it halfway up before he finally ended up stumbling off onto the area that you could walk up. Unfortunately his tube was still on the belt. So I ended up dodging out of the way before it took me out. Then I tried to pick it up so that it didn’t clobber the guy behind us. Meanwhile Noah is still holding on to the tube, standing on the walkway trying to get back on the belt. The guy behind us goes, grab my tube I’ll get your son. So now I’m carrying up my tube, Noah’s tube, and this guy’s tube while the guy behind me and Noah just try to stay balanced. That was fun. Not! Seriously not so much fun. But that was the only bad thing. I learned that Noah needs to sit on the walkway and I need to take his tube.

After the midadventure climbing up, seeing him go down the side of the mountain all by himself was so scary. He is such an independent little dare devil. He’s just sitting there in the tube, that is bigger than him and he says to the launching guy, can you spin me? This kid is going to give me a heart attack. He did so well though. I’m in trouble when he grows up!

I definitely recommend snow tubing to anyone with little ones. We all had such a good time and will be doing it again next year!

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