Failure to finish books and the books I read instead.

16 Jan

I am in the middle of reading “The Iliad” by; Homer. This is the second time that I am in the middle of reading it. This is also the second time that I have put it down and had a hard time picking it back up. I keep getting distracted by other books. Other significantly more interesting books.

First it was “The Eyes of Darkness” Which I recently reviewed. And just now I started “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” by; Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith.

Normally a title like that would not pick my interest. But I was instructed by a friend to try them. So I bought this one. Skeptical I started reading. Now I have only read the forward, but the author is hysterical! Now I can’t wait to get into it. Why on earth would I waste my time reading a book that spends pages telling me this family came from this land, with this many boats, and this many horses, and this family came from this land, with this many horses, and so on. I am telling you pages of that. That’s when I put it down. UHG! I don’t care. Also, do we have to make an offering to the gods before we do everything? Could we please just raise our swords and start killing people? Really!

I realize that Jane Austen was probably rolling over in her grave when this book was published. She was probably sitting over Grahame-Smith’s shoulder laughing saying “Ha! This garbage will never get published”. My biggest concern is that I love the original. I may go as far as to say that it is my favorite love story of all time. I could watch the 6 Hour rendition of it (the one with Colin Firth) over and over again. So yes I am concerned that it is going to ruin that. But at the same time, I love Zombies and all things that go bump in the night. Throw in a great love story and some fun witty commentary and I may like this as much as my vampires. Oh I am very excited to read this now. Maybe I will go back to my snooze fest after this one.

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One response to “Failure to finish books and the books I read instead.

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