The Eyes of Darkness by: Dean Koontz

13 Jan

I definitely recommend this book. It was very good but with a couple of flaws that are really irritating me and definitely spoilers if you haven’t read it yet. And probably the best part of this book is the anticipation factor. Not knowing what is going on or why it is going on is very thrilling. Saying that this book is a page turner is an understatement. I could not put this one down.

However, the things that annoyed me are still annoying me. It was not about the writing. The writing was great. Koontz again did a fabulous job. But the ending! Again it leaves you with more questions than it answered. The title alone was not explained. “The Eyes of Darkness” They made it sound like they were menacing. No I think that they actually stated that something menacing and non-human was watching them from the shadows. As if there was some unseen force that was trying to stop Tina from getting to Danny. The comic book story went along with this theory perfectly. Are we supposed to then come to the conclusion that it was Danny all along? That there was no other “other worldly” source besides him? That all along it wasn’t actually a menacing presence but the little boy in “spirit”? That doesn’t seem to follow. How can something that seems so menacing actually be something so good? I didn’t like that. I feel that it needed to be explained more or that there really should have been something else. Not to mention that at the end Tine didn’t even know that Michael had perished. It just ended with them saving Danny. They didn’t even get out of the woods. Now I am going to search online for a book 2. I am afraid that it is going to be like the last Dean Koontz book that I read however and I am going to be left to wonder. Left to mentally write a book 2. My strongest opinion though is that there isn’t enough material for a book 2 and it could have easily been summed up in one chapter. I hate feeling like something is unfinished.

All that aside though, I believe that it was a good book. It’s always the good ones that we don’t want to end. The good ones that we want to continue until we know for a fact that everyone is “living happily ever after”. I am thinking that this could be a good ground work for a book of when Danny is older. I hope that that is what I find when I look for a book 2.

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