02 Jan


The end of the world is upon us and all I can think about is that I need to clean my house.

There are a gazillion books that I haven’t read. There are things I haven’t done, places that I haven’t seen. Old buildings that are still calling my name and saying “Janet I could be beautiful, fix me please. I yearn for people to walk my halls again and laugh in my foyer.” And apparently now I talk to buildings. 🙂

Most importantly though, there are people on this planet that I would want to tell that I love them before the end of time happens. I’m sorry if you don’t want me to. But there it is. Life is going to end much earlier than we thought. My little one was right. Except for the “how”. Noah, my 5 year old, has decided that the sun is going to blow up. I know we watch way too much Discovery channel. But he’s wrong. The meteor is on its way and we only have 3 months to go.

So to the world that I don’t really strongly dislike, I Love You! Wish I could give you a hug, or simply go out for coffee, but there isn’t enough time and there are so many of you. 🙂

I know that that is mushy but it is what it is.

Now I only have 3 months to take over the world, so the plotting begins. 🙂

If this doesn’t make any sense please check out this link. Because MY New Years Resolution is to try to write more. It’s just a little bit easier when someone else challenges you with a topic, because I’m getting sick of writing about MS and I haven’t read anything review worthy recently. And at the same time I’m saying “Damn I could have done so much better with this challenge.” But I decided to keep it real. Well next time I’ll have more fun with it.

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