Morning Mayhem

27 Nov

I need to wake up earlier so that I can go back to sleep after I shower.

The heat being on in this house is making it desertesc. Which is great for my bread, it lasts forever. But my sinuses are mad at me every morning. So I take a really hot shower with out the fan on (shush I know it’s bad) so that it is also like a steam shower. This makes my sinuses happy and my head stop hurting. Unfortunately it also makes the room start spinning. So I get out wrap myself in a bathrobe and stumble back upstairs to my room. At this point all I want to do is curl up in my bed and go back to sleep.

But then reality hits. The kids are running around the house playing swords or guns or whatever weapon that they have decided to turn their toys into. I have to stop that. Then they need clothes for school and breakfast and vitamins and don’t forget their lunches and snacks. Oh wait I almost forgot, Tyler has a spelling test I need to quiz him on for the umpteenth time, because watch I forget this one time and he fails.
Did I mention that I have 15 minutes to do this?

Oh crap, …..

I’m still in my bathrobe!

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Posted by on November 27, 2012 in Life with MS


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