Jehovah’s Witnesses, what you Do to me!

16 Nov

I had another visit from my friendly neighborhood Jehovah’s Witness. Just their name I find interesting. Jehovah’s Witness. Did they really witness him? Or are they witnessing something for him? They actually told me this time that the reason they come to my door is because of our conversations and my questions. Which is good, because if they were coming to try to convert me I told them that that was never going to happen. We touched on the fact that they believed that anyone who didn’t believe in God and the Bible must be very unhappy. My response was “I am very happy.” We argued about why my Japanese Maple was red. They said that it was because God wanted it to be red. I told them that it was because red just happened to be the only cooler that was being refracted from the sun (it’s possible that my science was off there, but they didn’t say anything.) Also probably a little blue since some of the leaves looked a little purple. There were other things like this. A couple of inferences to the bible we’re made. Then the inevitable me saying it’s a good book of stories with great life lessons in it and them trying to convince me that God told these people to write these things. Really though we always have an interesting debate. But in the end they said that they wouldn’t come back. I was actually a little sad and I said “never?”. What is wrong with me? I guess I was enjoying our little debates. They probably realized I was unsaveable (my phone says that that is not a word 🙂 ) and am just going to have to wait till I’m judged in the end. Well, I hope that they are wrong or I’m in trouble.

What these women do to me though. After they left and I closed the door and turned to go back to whatever I was doing, the room started spinning and I had to grab onto the wall to stop from falling. Jeeze! And I was doing so well today.

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