My Cautionary Tale

10 Nov

I do really, really want to blog about the election and what it was like and still is like and all that is involved. But right now I have a cautionary tale.

My next infusion just happened to fall on Election Day. Now with my husband running for a political office, I had to be there. So I tried to reschedule for the next day, or as soon as possible. Well apparently it is not that easy. The next available spot was my usual time a week later. In hindsight I guess I should be thanking the powers that be that I didn’t have to wait a whole month. These past couple of days have been frustrating. I feel like I did before I started the Tysabri. I’ve been making it till about 11am. Then it’s all over. I have to lie down after I take a shower because the room is spinning and moving seems impossible. And if the kids stress me out with their bickering and their sword fighting I get ridiculously mad and cranky. Poor kids have to put up with my BS. Not to mention the fact that my left foot and knee are having issues again. I think that that is due to the fatigue but REALY?!?!
Yeah, so it is official. Do not push back your infusions people. Do not reschedule or skip one. Unless for some reason you need to be reminded why you started taking it in the first place.

I can not wait until next Tuesday!

Just one other thought.

I finished the book my sister gave me; review is coming. Now I am reading book two of the Fifty Shades series. I really need a nice clean book after all this though. 3 insatiable books later, my mind is a very interesting place to be. Which is great, but I feel like I need to get out a book that has something other than sex in it. Not that I am not loving every bit, but I swear my IQ is going down. 😦

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