Growing Up

11 Oct

No not me. That may never happen. But when it does, I’m sure that I will blog about it.

These past two days I have actually had time in my house. I believe that it is the first time since July. I know sad, or fantastic, it depends how you look at it. I have been spending a lot of time at other people’s houses and in hotel rooms. Usually when I get home from being away for a long time I love my house. I walk in and say “Wow I forgot how big it is.” And marvel at how much space I have and how wonderful it is. Well, not this time. This time it was much the opposite. We got home from vacation and I immediately lost my study and got moved into a corner. Which may be what spurred my sudden need to get a bigger house. Not that I am going to. Who could afford such a move? But I don’t like not liking my house. So I decided that I needed to reacquaint myself and make myself like it again. One day I massively cleaned my older son’s room. Which ended in a lot of garbage bags and believe it or not a whole bunch of posters on his walls. How it looks messy again I don’t know, but I feel like I need to do it again. Then this past weekend I rearranged my bedroom. My little corner is a new little corner and I am much happier now. I actually have a tendency to move my furniture around a lot. When my family comes over if it is in the same spot they are surprised and comment, not the other way around. I am starting to feel better. The last couple of days have been nice. I actually got stuff done today. Wearing all of my hats and all. 🙂

But what I really wanted to say was that my little bear is growing up. Of course he is growing up. But too fast. In my cleaning frenzy today I decided that it was time to switch him into the next size of clothing. So all of the old stuff went into a box and the bigger size went into the drawers and on the hangers. It is always sad for me to see the cute little outfits go away. Especially when I know that I am almost out of cute little outfits. There are times when I see people with baby’s or just really little ones and I say to myself, “Thank God that I don’t have to go through that anymore!”. No more sleepless nights, no more diaper changes, no more potty training, no more feedings. I am free now. Yeah! But at the same time I am not looking forward to Noah being as big as Tyler. I don’t get to smoosh Tyler anymore. He’s too big and after a quick hug is running in the opposite direction. Noah still likes when I read to him at night and give him giant squeezes. He still likes it when I hold him on the couch and watch Doc McStuffings (a Disney channel show). I am just going to keep reminding myself of all the fun things that I can do with them when they are older. Like teaching them how to drive *grimace*

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