10 Oct

Today I was mom. I was very tired today so that’s all that I was. I wasn’t the cleaning lady, or the laundromat or the politician’s wife, I had just enough energy to be mom. I got the kids dressed, it was picture day, god forbid they pick out their own clothes for that, I made them breakfast, I packed them lunch, then I drove them to school. The rest of the day was spent doing nothing. Glorious nothing! Then it was pick them up drop them off, pick them up drop them off. Now I have prepped dinner and just have one more pick up to do.

I have to say that I am actually pretty impressed with myself. Normally the day after my infusion I am more like the cheap babysitter that you got stuck with last minute. McDonalds for dinner, hey did you guys do your homework? great, no, no don’t show me. I believe you. Now go watch tv so that I can sleep.

So sad. But it’s true that happens. I have been trying extra hard to not let that happen, but we all have those days right? Well maybe not ALL of us. But I would have to say the majority.

I am really really relieved that my blood test came back negative. I was worried about that.

I think that bringing Rich yesterday might have been a mistake. I really get absolutely no sympathy from him and this one day a month I really appreciate a little bit of understanding. My bed calls my name all day, unfortunately so do my kids. A little break from that is nice. Ah well, maybe when the election is over we will try again. I find myself, just like this time last year, waiting for the day after elections. The day when my husband is mine again. The day that the kids and I come first. I love that day. That will be a very good day. I love Rich and I think that he is amazing at being a politician. Possibly a little too good. 🙂 But I miss him. Well as he keeps saying “Ah! Only 4 more weeks.” And I’m saying “Yeah! Only 4 more weeks.” 🙂

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