Infusion Day

09 Oct

I just got a compliment that I have never received before. While walking through the infusion center a woman said “You walk so well.” I laughed. I thought that it was funny. It seems like a strange compliment. However, then you have to take into effect where I am. I hope that the woman isn’t mad that I laughed.

My JC Virus antibody test came back. It was negative. So no JC Virus yet for me. Yeah! I like knowing that my brain isn’t going to slowly turn into pudding. One more year of Tysabri for me. Hopefully my next MRI will go just as swimmingly. That’s not for a couple more months though.

Rich came with me this time. My mom came with me my first time and compared the experience to when she had to go with her mother for her chemo therapy. Which I didn’t realize is also an infusion. There was also a time when I brought my mother-in-law. Not on purpose, but she refused to let me drive myself. Well she was very upset. Of course she was very good at not letting me know that she was. When we got back to her house I over heard her talking to my Father-in-law about it. The gist was “I can’t believe what she has to go through.” That surprised me. I never really gave it a second thought. What the medicine is doing and how scary the side effects can be, sure, I gave that a lot of thought. But not the procedure itself. My only thought was, thank god I don’t have to give myself shots anymore. I was relieved. Now I get to let someone else stick me. Then I can just sit here and read my book. Or blog as I am doing right now. I get to give it time if that makes sense. When I was doing the shots it was; do the shot, pretend it doesn’t hurt like a bitch, and continue to get the kids ready for school, or whatever we happened to be doing that day. There was no sympathy or understanding. It was “What’s taking you so long up there?”. But now, now it’s a completely different story. Now the process of getting the meds is so much easier. Except apparently it’s scarier for my “mothers”. My Mom buys me coffee every time before my infusion and my Mother-in-law makes sure that I get all the rest that I need. Offers to drive me and watch the kids. I am feeling spoiled. Rich however I think is not going to have a similar reaction to this. This will just be another day for him. Seeing how he was the one who had to help me with my shots some times and he is the one that had to do my steroid infusion. He will see this as the cushy chair infusion that it is. But at least he took time out of his ridiculously busy schedule to come with me. And before elections too. I really am being spoiled. 🙂

Now it’s back to my book. I am reading Beauty’s Punishment by Anne Rice. It’s very good. This is the second book in her Sleeping Beauty Series. There was a prologue by Anne that helps put in perspective the things that made me mad about the first one. I have never been a fan of the whole slave aspect. The idea of having to do what someone tells you and being punished If you don’t. Especially the degrading things that Beauty is told to do. I am learning with this one to just give in and enjoy instead of needing to be in charge of everything. Listen to me, like I’m actually in the book. Well Anne is yet again opening my mind. Love that woman.

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