Normal People

13 Sep

This came as a shock to me today. Normal people get tired too.

I know shocker right?

When they are tired they react the same way that we do. Cranky and not thinking straight. I really did think that this was something that was happening to me just because of the MS. But today I encountered someone who has absolutely no life altering diseases who was acting exactly the way I act when I’m tired.

Maybe I’m just not used to being tired all the time and that is why I contributed it to the MS. I should have realized that everybody experiences that. When my youngest gets cranky I always tell him that it’s because he needs a nap. When he wakes up he is normal again. It then makes sense that adults would go through this as well.

It’s like that commercial for the candy bar. We turn into people that we don’t even recognize. Very cranky people that say and do things that they wouldn’t normal say or do.

I have found myself in this position more than I care to remember. I wish that I could recognize these instances before they happen and find some way to just shut my mouth. Like I am sure that my friend wishes right now. Unfortunately there is no rewind button and there was no one there to say “_____, you are just tired and cranky, don’t open your mouth.” I could have used that today too actually.

For now we are left with the hope that other people are forgiving. That maybe somewhere deep inside they understand. Maybe they have been in the situation themselves. Compassion is a marvelous thing and I hope that all of the people that are around us tired people are using it.

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