Lap Top Drama

12 Sep

I finally have a space. I don’t love it. But I can use my computer again, so it will do for now.

Recently I was displaced out of the Study. I decided that since Richard and all of his campaigning (oh yeah we are doing that again) stuff took over my dining room that I’d give in. It seemed like the best scenario. Just give over the Study to him and in exchange I got my dining room back. I do enjoy having somewhere to eat with the kids. My Lap Top however has been moved to my bedroom. For the past couple of weeks it has just sat there, sad, unused, and completely dead, on my dresser. Now I have made a space for it. I am using a small white table that I rescued from my parents. It had been destined for bulk pick up day. I saved it since it is a beautiful antiqued white Victorian table. I’m not really sure what it’s original intended purpose was. I used to use it as a place to store my blankets underneath and a lamp topped it off. Now it is my computer table. It is very small and the only outlet is too far away, but I will make it work. The view out the back window is decidedly nicer than the view out the front however. Now I am overlooking my back deck and out to the church yard with all of the trees and the occasional hawk and/or ground hog. It is lovely. Hopefully I will write more often now that I don’t have to use my phone to do it. I am off to plan my sons Pirate birthday party that is in a week and a half. Ah! I hate being behind. Have a good day everyone.

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Posted by on September 12, 2012 in the little things


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