One Year In

11 Sep

Blogging single handed today. Unfortunately my other hand has been rendered useless due to my IV.
I am very excited/nervous/scared as hell right now. The infusion center took my blood today. Hence the different location for the IV. Normally it is in my left hand or wrist which still gives me most of my mobility. Now I am concerned that I won’t be able to read my book. More on that in a sec.
So they took my blood because apparently it has been a year and now I’m being tested for the JC Virus again. Yeah! And at the same time, Oh Crap. I don’t even want to think about the consequences of it coming back positive. I probably should so that I am prepared and know what I am going to do. UH!!! I’ll think about it later. It’s a crazy week and I have way too much to think about, plan, and do to get all upset about this. UH!!! I had totally forgotten about the stupid JC Virus. I haven’t been worried about instant death (slight exaggeration) in a while. UH! Time for another Yoga class.
Positive thoughts. I just need a possible contingency plan.
Well, back to the book that I’m not sure I can read one handed. My Mother-in-Law has given me a self help book about love after marriage. Maybe I’m complaining about Rich too much. 🙂 Love you sweetie. I started reading it just because I knew that I would be quizzed about specifics when I handed it back. Well so far it’s not that bad. Course, I’m only a chapter in. I have never been a fan of self help books, but I am keeping an open mind with this one. But while I am reading it I am very thankful that Richard and I are on solid ground in our relationship.
Side note; There is a woman here that is complaining about everything. It is driving me nuts!
Hopefully after this infusion my left leg and my eyes get back with the program. The last week or so hasn’t been a lot of fun. Very excited that the kids are both in full day of school though. More time for me! 🙂

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