07 Jun

I admit it! I am one of the least patient people in the world. I want things done Now! This rarely ever happens of course, but that doesn’t change my irrational expectation.

My question to the online community… And really I ask because I’m just being too lazy to look it up myself… Is there a class that I can take to read my own MRI? Of course there’s a class. But I mean just one class. Just one that will make it so that I can tell wether or not there are lesions. I would love to take that class. Here I sit with the CD that has all of the pictures of my brain on it, but I can’t read it. So instead I wait for the doctors office to call and tell me. Of course they are taking their sweet time with it. It wouldn’t be any fun if say, the tech at the MRI location could just tell me. No. Like 5 people have to read it first and then have their secretary call me to let me know. GGGGRRRRR!!!!

All of this while in the back of my mind I’m saying “if it’s bad news just don’t tell me.” I have entered a happy bubble state. *maybe that’s the Celexa* I don’t feel as good as pre diagnosis but it’s as close as I think I’ll ever get. So I’m happy. I’ll be really pissed if they change that!

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Posted by on June 7, 2012 in Life with MS



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