Clean MRI?!?!?!?

06 Jun

In the waiting room, waiting (lol) for my next MRI. I am really hoping that this one comes back clean. I haven’t had a good one since diagnosis. I have been feeling really good recently. So there is a really good chance that this will go well. I’m trying really hard not to count my chickens though. I don’t want the fall to be too far if this just shows more sclerosis.
Positive thoughts Janet! Positive thoughts.

On a different topic;
I hit a snag with the exercising. It was completely my fault. With all of the work that I have been doing I became disheartened that the scale hasn’t been moving. So I stopped doing everything but the walking. I used the fact that it was infusion week as an excuse but that wasn’t it. Well maybe it played a small part. 🙂
Not to worry though. I am back to it. 3 miles today and when I get home from this it will be day 8 of Insanity. I am trying to take solace in the fact that I look different and friends are shocked when I tell them what that stupid scale says. And as strange as it was, i loved the fact that one of Rich’s friends response to me saying “I’m even wearing 4 inch heals for Rich tonight” at his campaign fundraiser was “I know I’ve been checking you out from across the room.” I know a little creepy, but Yeah! At the same time. I felt invincible for the rest of the night. So pushing hard again. Hopefully I can keep this up once the kids get out of school. Only a week and a half left. Help!

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