Strolling through the gardens.

22 May

Well I survived another month. I’ve been procrastinating with the next MRI and blood test. I’m not really worried about them, just short on time these days.

Now I am going to do something hypocritical. Normally I avoid other people’s blogs that just throw in a bunch of pictures without any commentary. But I am going to add my first one. I tried to pick my favorite picture so that there would be just one, then I realized that Longwood Gardens deserved more than that so here goes.

These are some of the many reasons why I love Longwood Gardens.

First off, in order to even enter the grounds you must pass through what I refer to as the hobbit house. They have hidden the Main building inside a hill. From the front it looks like a building. From the back (grounds side) it looks like a doorway in a large hill. The obsessed with Lord of the Rings side of me loves this.








Then there are places like this everywhere. Not exactly like this, but little shady unexpected private niches that you can’t help but say, I really need one of these on my property. 





Longwood Gardens is more than just gardens. It is beautiful architecture, sculptures (old world kind, none of that new age crap), and water is running everywhere. There are water falls, fountains, tiny rivers, and large lakes everywhere. This house is the original owners. It’s also what I dream my future house will look like. I love the idea of a court yard in the middle of the house. This one has looked exactly the same since the 20s. I am absolutely in love with it.





Something that on my first visit I didn’t expect was that this place is amazing for the kids as well. This picture is taken from the Dragon Garden, or children’s garden. It is inside the conservatory. This picture unfortunately doesn’t even do it justice. This is an area under a spiral staircase that is only lit by one red light and the base of the fountain has steam coming out of it. So it is creepy on purpose. Crazy snake sculpture that is dripping water into the smoky basin underneath under the dark eerie red light. Love it! Of course it opens up to a whimsical hallway that is kid size, you have to walk hunched, and the sealing is covered with a seashell mural. They really waste absolutely no space in here. The whole garden is amazing. And this is only part of the fun things in the park for the kids. I could write a whole book on how adventurous this park would seem to a kid. And does seem to mine.

Now this is my all-time favorite room. It is the main room in the conservatory. Something about beautiful chandeliers above a field of soft grass surrounded by pillars covered in ivy and vibrant ( 🙂 ) flowers just absolutely takes my breath away every time.

I’m going to end with that one. I have hundreds more, but I feel I am running on. I will say that if you have never been to Longwood Gardens and live in the tri-state area then this is a must see. Rave reviews all around from me. They even sell wine at the café. 🙂

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