Frustrating People!!!!!

11 May

I didn’t go to Yoga last night. I know what was I thinking right? Well I ran out of time. I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off getting ready for a party that I am throwing tomorrow. So I made sure that I made it to the 90 minute class this morning. When I got there, 20 minutes early, I said to the instructor that I couldn’t make it last night for timing reasons and honestly because the fatigue was really starting to set it. His response was “Well you know Janet, we really need to push through our fatigue and just keep going.” Like he was talking to a child! It took all of my effort to stay calm. I just said “Well I still walked my 3 miles so it’s not like I didn’t do anything” and walked into the Yoga room. But seriously. All I wanted to do was say Fuck You! I have been working my ass off. So much so that I am actually getting yelled at for doing too much! Not that I am listening to anyone. I feel great and while I can do it, I’m going to. I don’t like acting like a sick person. I am not a sick person. Sure my immune system is attacking my brain. But honestly right now the walls are up and the draw bridge has been drawn. No sickness here. But to imply that I am not trying hard enough? I repeat, Fuck You! Childish response I know. 😦 The whole time that I was lying there trying to meditate before class and get used to the heat I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Trying to tell myself that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that I really have been trying my hardest. But some people can just really get under your skin you know.

Alright that off my chest it’s time to go clean some crystal and set some tables.

Bring on the Mother’s Day Brunch!

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