Walk MS 2012

16 Apr

I am very proud of myself and my team. We did the MS walk in Freehold yesterday. Not only did our team end up being 25 strong but with only 20 days and very little actual effort we raised a little over $1000. The weather ended up being beautiful even though the forecast was rain. I have to say that for my first walk and next to no planning we did awesome.

My mom, my mother-in-law and I made t-shirts for the whole team and I have never been more proud to wear something. Which is really good because it took 3 days to make those stupid shirts.

The beginning of the walk was total chaos. We are definitely going to have to be more organized in the morning next year. Because of this we were one of the last teams to start the walk. Or race as I saw it. I know that’s sad and I am pretty sure that most of the people I PASSED thought that I was crazy. But I have been doing so much walking recently that 5 miles seemed too easy. Also I like to think that there is nothing wrong with me. Those thoughts in mind, I told my group that I expected us to be among the first across the finish line. So at the half way point most of us just went right past the rest stop. Apparently I missed out on some goodies. And a select few of us actually ran a little bit of it. In the end we were the FIRST to cross the finish line!!!!! To be specific Tyler (my 9 year old) was the first but I was right behind him! I could not have been more excited. And sure I was having my problems. It was hot and even though I forgot about it, my next infusion is only a few days away. My left foot had decided that I wasn’t wearing sneakers, but flippers. And my left knee had decided that it really wanted to start bending in the opposite direction. So yeah my little brother (who isn’t so little anymore) made sure to stay next to me so that I could grab onto his arm instead of falling on the floor. That was very helpful of him. And I found that while running it wasn’t as hard to use my foot. Which greatly contributed to us coming in first. I kept egging my group on to run with me. 🙂 Totally ignoring the fact that I was also running with 5 month pregnant sister-in-law. Thank goodness she is such a trooper and exercises like crazy person.

Now I can’t wait to do it again next year. We will be even more prepared. Or actually prepared. It depends on how you look at it.

SO SO SO Proud of my whole team!!!!!!!

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