Out of the Closet

23 Mar

I started my team. I love our name. It’s Mastering rough Seas.

After finally having a second to sit down at my computer I went through an e-mail from NMSS about using FaceBook to fundraise. So I followed all of the advice. Filled in answers to all of their questions. Posted to FB about my walk. Then there was another section where you could share your story. I didn’t share anywhere near what I share here, but just the gist of why I decided to walk. I thought that they were going to share this only with other walkers. They didn’t. It posted to my wall. Which means it went out to every single one of the people on my friends list. Not all of them are really friends. Most of them don’t know that I have MS. So I feel a little exposed right now. I decided to keep it up though and not delete it. It’s about time right? And if it will help me raise money for the walk than what the hell. Right? So here I am. Everybody look. It’s the girl with MS. That’s right I said it.


Nope don’t feel better. Well we shall see what the fall out is. With any luck no one will see it. It’s Friday after all. Most people ignore FaceBook during the weekends. Oh the conflicting thoughts.

But it’s done. Not taking it back.

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Posted by on March 23, 2012 in Life with MS


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