22 Mar








This is this month’s porch! You have no idea how much I wish that I was there right now!

 I have been ignoring the fact that it’s only a couple of days until my next infusion.
Recently I have been trying really hard at staying in shape. Or getting back into. Or getting into for the first time. I guess it depends on how you look at it. I have never been very into exercise. I usually start and then decide that it isn’t worth the hassle. It is very possible that that will happen again this time. But for now I’m working my butt off. I saw something on the morning news the other day that said the way to keep a shape other than round 🙂 is to have a piece of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine every day and exercise like your life depends on it. I am loving that advice and following it.
However yesterday after walking to pick Noah up from school I was very dizzy. And now today was worse. Of course I didn’t just walk to pick Noah up from school. I also had a blood test this morning (more on that in a sec) then I went to the gym, then I walked to pick Noah up, then like an idiot I walked into town to have lunch with my mom. Now I am exhausted. Today is definitely a nap day. I know that last week I would have been fine doing those things. In fact I was. I was so fine that then I walked to pick Tyler up from school. Which isn’t as big a deal. His school is closer. But today that wouldn’t have been possible.
So, yes. Right now I would love to be sitting in one of those chairs overlooking the ocean with my cup of coffee (preferably iced) reading my newest literary intrigue, waiting for the sun set.

*sigh* that sounds REALLY nice! 🙂

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