The Flipper Syndrome

10 Mar

Also known as foot drop.

I’m not really sure why it is called that. My foot has never actually dropped before. Again this is something that only happens when I’m tired. I swear if I never got tired life would be a lot different. Unfortunately that will be another one of these blogs.

So the flipper syndrome. Being physically, opposed to mentally or MS, tired is the worst for this. Thankfully it only happens to my left foot. It feels like all the sudden my toes get really heavy. It’s not that it’s hard to walk. Just that it is hard to flex the foot in order to take a step. If that made any sense. This leaves you feeling like you are just going to drag your foot. Which I now am constantly concerned is going to result in me tripping and landing on my face on the pavement. Or wherever I am. Stepping off of curbs is the scariest for some reason. I have actually started to have nightmares about taking a step off of a curb and my left toes catching making me fall and take one of the kids with me.

It is detrimental to their health that I always have at least one in hand.

I have a tendency to walk much slower and pick my leg up higher when I’m experiencing this. Kind of like marching. For those of you that don’t have this crazy symptom I imagine that it is a lot like walking with a flipper. Just one. Not sure if that makes it better or worse. Maybe I’ll be much better at swimming now. 🙂 Or imagine walking without flexing your foot at all. Just let your foot be dead weight. If they made socks that had weights all along the top of the foot that would give people a perfect example. Not that I want anyone to have to feel this, but in the spirit of awareness this would help. There should be a line of products that simulate this crap. I think that it would go a long way in helping family members and significant others understand what we are going through. And thank you but we aren’t making it up. And to the best of my knowledge there is no pill to take to make it stop. Or at least no pill that would be worth adding to all the other crap that we have to take. These are the little shits that we just put up with on a day to day basis. Not worthy of medication. But sometimes it would be nice if people realized that, no I’m sorry I can’t walk any faster.

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