Brain Fog

09 Mar

I thought that this would be an appropriate thing to write about today. This is something that only happens to me when I am tired. Today has been a whirl wind of activity. Leaving me searching for the clarity button. So right now I am writing about right now. 🙂

Brain fog is exactly what it sound like. It’s like your brain is in a fog. One of those pea soup kind of fogs. Were your headlights actually make it worse, you can’t see the house across the street, and you are praying that you don’t bump into anything. That makes it sound a little like it’s an eye situation, but it’s not. Visually everything is clear. It’s just that your brain isn’t registering it correctly. Maybe it’s just working slower. I’m not really sure why this happens. The only comparison that I can think of, for anyone who hasn’t experienced this, is being drunk. I mean really drunk. Not the giddy feeling or the staggered walking feeling. But the I know that I was just talking to you about something, but what the hell was it. Or spending hours searching for your car that is right in front of you. That kind of drunk. When those things happen, but you don’t really care because why did that matter? I forgot.

Ok so right now apparently my fog isn’t that heavy. 🙂 Since I was capable of writing this. But I did take a nap for the half hour I was home before I had to pick the oldest up from school. And now I am off to the movies with my new friend and her kids. 🙂 Loving life right now. 🙂

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Posted by on March 9, 2012 in Life with MS


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