The Little Things

07 Mar

March is MS awareness month. In light of that I thought that I’d do a little bit of sharing. I have only had MS for a little over 2 years now but have had some interesting things happen to me. By no means are these going to be in an order other than, oh yeah and there was that. Thank goodness only one of them was serious and momentarily life altering. The rest are just slightly aggravating, or distracting.

Today I am going to share a little one. This is actually happening to me right now and has been for the last couple of weeks. There is a spot to the right side of my nose, only as big as a finger print, which is numb. It is very distracting. I spend a good deal of time trying to wipe it away. Since it feels like there is a sticker stuck to my face or something. Which makes me wonder if numb is the right diagnosis. Is it the nerves around the numb area that are more sensitive now? Or are the actual nerves more sensitive? Which would make it so that nothing is actually numb? I will say that it makes me self-conscious when in public, because as I said, it feels like there is something stuck to my face. So yes, just a little thing. I’m not in pain and everything is still moving. But it is aggravating.

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