24 Feb

This is unfortunately becoming a pattern. I can’t wait until Tuesday.

The boat has been rocking again. Not quit rough seas, but I am beginning to forget what it feels like to be on dry land. Really it’s all just the same crap. My eyes have a hard time adjusting to quick movement, my left hand is only comfortable in a curled up position and I am walking slower to make sure that I don’t trip because my left foot didn’t go as far as I thought that it did.

Of course I am to blame for some of it. I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks. Which means I haven’t spoken to the trainer yet, and I haven’t been doing Yoga. I could really use one of those classes right now. Also, I stopped doing my hand exercises because they have been feeling fine. So I guess it serves me right.

Tuesday is my next infusion. My next life liquid time. My grandmother gets blood transfusions so that she has energy to exist, I get Tysabri. I guess we all have our devices right?

Alright enough complaining.

I have a very nice evening planned with Rich tonight. We could really use some kid free time. And Rich could really use some out of town time. Politics is like high school all over again. And just like then, I can’t deal with other peoples closed minds and in ability to see reason. Alright so maybe I’m the one that needs to get out of town. Either way, out of town we shall go. Until Sunday when I have plans with a friend to make a “cat in the hat” hat. Which should be entertaining. I’m not exactly crafty.

Well I guess so much for not complaining. I would like to hit the off switch on my brain and just enjoy the moment for the next 24 hours. No more thinking, or over thinking. Just the here and now. In 6 hours I will have a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in my hand and some shrimp in the fondue pot and my gorgeous husband sitting next to me. That is all that I want to be thinking about.

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Posted by on February 24, 2012 in Life with MS


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