11 Feb

Where has the time gone? It’s crazy how fast and yet how slow it can go by. I am learning that if I am very busy because I feel great, or just tired cause I feel like crap, that’s when I don’t write. So I decided to take this little break that I have on a Saturday afternoon to write a little update.

My life has been totally involved in politics recently. Not that I am going to bore anyone with that dribble, just that it is consuming my brain right now! Or at least where the holes aren’t taking over.

I had my 3 months into Tysabri doc’s appointment this week. I’m not really sure what the point of it was. Besides the script for a blood test. You know, gotta make sure that the heart and liver are still functioning properly. 🙂 They did the usual. Timed me putting pegs in a board and taking them out. I passed. Made me walk in a straight line. I managed to not bump into any walls. Go me! Then the nurse took my vitals, still good. Then the doc with the usual hammer to knee and can you resist when I push on arms and legs and various other tests like that. I passed them all. I mentioned the fact that I’ve still been dealing with what feels like knee weakness. My bizarre feeling that when all the sudden I think that my left knee is going to give out on me and collapse backwards, I just picture my knee cap popping off, or cracking in half. 😦 Also the other day my left leg just started bouncing. Like nervous people do where they are bouncing there heal on the floor. That same day when I was in Yoga my left thigh muscle started practically vibrating while in warrior pose. That was humorous until I almost fell over. According to the doc that means there are probably holes in my spine too. Yeah! (sarcasm) So I am going to make an appointment with my trainer at the gym and share my problems. The physical therapist at the doc’s office said that if I work on the muscle(s) in my left thigh that that should help. But it’s not happening often enough to put me on medication and since I have a trainer at the gym I refused physical therapy. Trying to not spend any more money than I have to.

Ooohhh! Also, I may have a mental band-aid for my migraines. Since I only get them about once a month I wasn’t bad enough for them to put me on a preventative medicine. But I did get a script for Imitrex to take when I feel a headache coming on. I haven’t had to take one yet, thank goodness, but I am really hoping that it will work. I will let you know how that works out.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get sent for my next MRI. I am really anxious to find out if the Tysabri is working. Apparently that will be in another 3 months. I wonder if now they will also send me for an MRI of the brain and spine. Which would concern me for two reasons. One, I have never been that far in the tube and I’m not sure if that will bother me or not. And two, an MRI of the brain is already costing me about $400! How much would one of the brain and spine cost?!?!

Well here’s to hoping that my head cold finally goes away, and that the political crap slows down or just gets resolved happily. What are the odds? 🙂

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