3rd Times a Charm

01 Feb

Yesterday’s infusion was interesting. I didn’t have an allergic reaction. However, this time it made me very tired. I was fine when I got there. Although to get there is quit the whirlwind of activity. Pick Noah up from school at 11, drive 45 min to get to my parents, pretty much throw Noah out of the car with a big bear hug and a kiss and tell him to behave for grandma & grandpa. Then my mom jumped in the car with me so that she could treat me to coffee. Drive like a maniac to Starbucks, get coffee. At this point I’m already late for my 12 appt. so I tell my mom that she’s dropping me off at the hospital and she can pick me up when I’m done. I love the fact that even though she hates driving my Jeep, she agreed. So drive like a maniac to the hospital. Jump out of the car, grab the all important bag and race to the infusion center on the 3rd floor. Then sit for 3 hours.
Understandably I was a little tired just from that. But a couple of minutes after they started the infusion I started to feel really wiped out. So I closed my eyes and listened to my audio book. A little while later I started to feel really uncomfortable. Not like something was really wrong and I’d have to alert one of the nurses, but still like there was something really wrong. If that makes any sense. I think it was more of a mental thing. But I couldn’t wait for the drip to be done and the feeling only got worse when I realized that even when the drip was finally done I’d still have to sit there for another half hour for the saline drip. Uhg!
Both drips finally over I walked around a little. Since I still can’t leave for another hour to make sure that I don’t drop dead. The little walk helped a lot. I even started up a conversation with the girl sitting next to me. Which was nice, our stories are very similar and she also has a four year old. It is good to talk to someone who really gets the crap that we go through with this.
About a half hour after I was back at my parents I started to feel a little strange. All around my chest started to feel really tight and painful, more in the back than the front. So I chocked it up to my back muscles objecting to me sitting for so long. I just laid down on the floor for a while and then I was fine. I was so exhausted when I got home that I just went straight to bed and left the kids for Rich to deal with.
Then during the night I woke up from a disturbing dream in a panic. I’m not going to tell you the specifics of the dream, because it will further prove my psychosis. But the gist was that I had to move, or I was going to die. Well when I woke up my body was numb from chest up. You know when an arm falls asleep because you are in a bad position and it feels really cold. Like an internal kind of cold? Well that’s how it felt. So I got up and walked around until it felt better. When I finally felt like there was blood flowing again I lied back down. And then proceeded to spend the next hour checking my pulse and make sure it didn’t stop. I remember counting 45 beats a whole bunch of times. At some point I must have decided that I was fine because I fell back to sleep.
Now today I am exhausted. Of course I didn’t have time for a nap, or even to take it that slow. My back started hurting again, and for some reason I have been nauseous on and off both last night and today. So now I am lying down and writing this, waiting for my back to stop hurting.
I am hoping to get a full night of non-crazy-dream sleep tonight. And hopefully tomorrow I will just feel my version of normal again. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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