Taboo Topics

11 Jan

Religion and Politics

These are two topics that it is advised to never discuss. Well that is unless you are ok with causing controversy and possibly loosing friends or alienating family. One of these topics I now live with. Seeing as my husband is now in Politics. Until recently not only did I stay out of these topics, but I generally just ignored it as a whole, seeing as how it barely ever really makes a difference any way. Of course that has all changed for me. I love it now. Small town politics that is. It feels like kind of a mission to get this town to change it’s stripes. And bringing it back from the ruin it is heading would be nice as well.


That is not what this post is about. That’s just my day to day. This post is about the other Taboo topic. Religion. Oh no! If you can’t handle someone not believing in what you believe in I suggest you stop reading now. I wouldn’t want to lose any of the few and the proud that are my followers!

(side note, while I’m writing this, my hands are shaking uncontrollable. Apparently I had too much coffee this morning. Damn Java Monster. It is kind of funny to watch though.)

As a standard, I don’t have anyone to talk to about religion. Even though it is something that I have lots to talk about. Billions of questions and comments…. I find it fascinating to hear what other people think and to challenge them as to why they think it. But again, it’s a taboo topic. I can’t even talk to Rich about this. Well yesterday I found someone to talk to. I know that’s all I needed right? What’s that saying? “Give them an inch and they’ll swim all the way” Actually think that’s from the Little Mermaid. 🙂

I have this one Jehovah’s Witness (I know laugh now) that keeps making the mistake of coming to my door. She thinks I’m nice. Well she did anyway. She came yesterday with another one of her fellow sheep. (I liked her better) I believe the intended goal of their visit was to teach me that the reckoning was at hand and I should make sure that I am ready for god to take over and abolish the earth of all the wrong doers. Not surprisingly this set me off. I invited them in for Tea. (Now I’ll never get rid of them) They refused the tea, which I thought was a little rude, but whatever. We proceeded to spend the next 2, possible longer I wasn’t paying much attention to the time, hours with back and forth of why god’s Utopia would suck and how the god that they are referring to sounded like a dictator to me. I think that in the end I won. They didn’t agree with my thought, but they couldn’t deny my logic. One of them told me that they had never had anyone tell them that they didn’t want Utopia. I corrected her and said I didn’t want the one she was selling. Or the bible as she kept correcting me. In an attempt to save face with anyone that is starting to get touchy, I won’t get into details with my thoughts. I will say though that I found it amusing that they kept trying to come back at me, or answer my questions, with phrases from the bible. I was impressed that they seem to have the whole thing memorized. Literally with what line, and what page what they are looking for is on. I can’t even do that with Anne Rice books that I have read over and over.

Ah Lestat! Woops daydreaming sorry.

Every time they came up with one of their readings all it did was prove my point. That was amusing. Especially since only one of them seemed to see it. The other one was refusing to listen to me and just kept trying to prove that I was wrong. Poor women. They finally decided that they were late for something and left. Who knows, maybe I upset them enough that they won’t come back. But really it was an entertaining conversation. I’d love to pick their brains again sometime. I find it fascinating the things that they believe. I can’t help but think “Crazy people, but at least they are happy.”     


Oohh Post Script. They told me that the reason that I have MS is because Eve ate from the tree of Knowledge. The even showed me the passage in the bible as proof. That was rich. I may have gotten a little loud after that.


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3 responses to “Taboo Topics

  1. marymennenga

    January 11, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    Yes it is taboo although I don’t understand why! God is great every religion uses the same words. What amazes me how can people (religions) make God so small that God would only fit into in one religion we live in a world of very different individual people why wouldn’t God show himself in a way that fits their way of thinking of right and wrong each have the same basic standards faith, kindness, love and respect for the world the real difference are the laws that have been set down by each religion. I’m really not qualified to stand or sit in judgement of anyone but me. I try very hard not to judge, but as you can plainly see I fail. To me I think having faith is what’s important, I’ve not read anywhere that God said this is the only religion there is right. That every other form of religion is going to hell. Sorry a ran on a bit, all I’m trying to say is in the end God will judge each of us one by one no matter what religion we claim to have or belongs to.

    • Janet DiFolco

      January 11, 2012 at 5:48 pm

      So So true. I’m not sure about the judging part, but everything else that you said, it’s like you were writting for me. 🙂


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