Trojan Gold by: Elizabeth Peters

05 Jan

Loved this book. Petes isn’t one of my usual authors, and honestly I’m not even sure how this book ended up in my possession. But I loved it. I think that I’m going to have to add her to my list.
This book was about an art historian who received a cryptic picture covered in human blood. She then proceeds to figure out who’s in the picture, who’s blood it is, and who sent it to her in the first place. Turns out the blood belongs to the sender of the cryptic picture. Turns out the picture is of a treasure lost during war. The cast is full of crazy people and nobody trusts anybody, and surprise, surprise, one of them is a killer. Not to mention that most of them are liars and thieves. I loved that I didn’t figure it out until the end. Plus it was very convenient that it was set during Christmas, and it just happens to be Christmas time.
One thing that I found very amusing:
I don’t remember them ever giving a physical description of the main character, but she must have been something. Every male character wanted, and at some point tried, to sleep with her. Only one succeeded. Told you I liked her character.

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