Winter is Here!

04 Jan

While I let my hands and ears thaw, and while my coffee is brewing, I thought that I would share something funny that happened this morning.

On the way to Tyler’s school I got stopped by a crossing guard letting children cross the street. The first car on the other side of the street to be stopped was a cop. For whatever reason, the kids were taking forever to cross, so the cop got on his loud speaker and started singing “Frosty the Snowman”. It was very funny. The kids thought he was crazy. What a way to start the day though. 🙂

As for yesterday, I’m clearly still here. My mom wants to know when I am going to stop thinking that it is going to kill me. I don’t have an answer for her. My goals were accomplished. No black and blue, and no allergic reaction. I do need to remember for next time to pick a chair next to a wall though. I sat in the middle this time, where the sun was, hoping that I would stay warm. That worked. Until the drip started I was actually hot. It’s the drip that makes you cold, no way around that. Any who, I sat in the middle of the room. The person to my right watched Law and Order the whole time. There must have been some kind of marathon on. And the person to my left was on the phone with work the whole time loudly trying to fix a problem. 😦 So I didn’t get any reading done. I did get a couple of words though, and I got to chat with Rich on my phone. So not all bad.

Op, coffee is done. Now I’m off to warm myself from the inside. 🙂 Hope everybody has a great day.

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