And it Begins….

02 Jan

I know that tomorrow is the 3rd and not officially the beginning of the New Year, but for me it is. The kids go back to school, Rich goes back to work, and I have my next infusion.

I am definitely not looking forward to being stuck in a chair (all be it a comfy one) for 3 hours tomorrow. I have recently become attached to a new game though. It’s an app called “Words with Friends”. I play it on my iPhone, through Face Book. So I am hoping that I get sent a couple of words while I’m there. Anyone interested can start a game with me. 🙂 I’ll be super bored between the hours of 12pm and 3pm EST. 🙂

I did convince Rich to pick Tyler up from school this time. So neither of the kids are missing any school because of this. That definitely makes me happier.

I’m going by myself this time, which was my choice and is fine. But I’m not sure what I am going to do with myself. I’m going to bring the book that I am in the middle of reading. It’s called “Trojan Gold” by Elizabeth Peters. Only one person has died so far, but I really like the main character’s personality. So maybe I’ll finish that and move on to my next one. I figure I can play on my phone too. I’ll make sure that that is charged and happy. Think I’ll steal Rich’s latest “popular science” magazine too.  I don’t know about the napping with a needle stuck in my arm though. I know that other people do it, but that just doesn’t seem comfortable to me. Especially now that I am not tired all the time. I will definitely be bringing my big red fuzzy blanket though and some fuzzy socks. Maybe even a sweat shirt now that I think of it. I wonder if it will be this cold in the summer too?

Well to the year 2012 I say “Bring It!”. I am hoping to catch up with some old friends, make some new ones, and see my husband win his second election! 🙂

Oh and for my records, and in case anyone is paying attention…

New Years Eve was great. Drank whatever I wanted to and made it till 2:30am. I actually only went to bed because everyone else pooped out on me. But I slept through New Years Day, and today not only was I tired but my eyes were refusing to focus on things. 😦 I’m still not convinced that this is because it’s time for my next infusion. My schedule has been pretty crazy recently. Next, or this actually, month will make it easier to tell. It being the slowest month of the year.

Hopefully all goes smoothly, and fast, tomorrow.

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