Oh the little things that annoy the crap out of me.

30 Dec

This is one of my favorite mugs. Mugs are yet another thing that I have an overabundance of. I love my coffee and I love my mugs. Please note on this mug that it says “Got coffee?”.  It’s beautiful, it’s funny, and it’s green, what’s not to love.

Without fail, every time that my mother-in-law comes over she uses this mug. Which is fine, except she doesn’t drink coffee. She uses it for TEA! I know that it’s silly but this drives me nuts. I just want to scream “NO!”.

Ok now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

Rich mentioned something yesterday that at the time I dismissed, but now I am wondering if he is right. I hate when he is right.

I have been feeling really great recently, so when I was so tired yesterday it was frustrating. Rich mentioned that my next infusion is coming up (next Tuesday) and was wondering if maybe the medicine was wearing off. Like I said, I dismissed this. I had read some other peoples accounts of noticing when it is time for their next infusion, but these people had been on it for a while and were going 5-6 weeks between infusions. It has only been 3 ½ weeks for me. I don’t think that that should be it. With that said, today I am exhausted. As well as ridiculously frustrated about everything, and yet nothing in particular. This is how I felt on a daily basis a month ago. GGRRR!

I canceled plans with my parents today in hopes that a little R&R would go a long way for tomorrow’s long night. Hope it works!

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