I was doing really great until today.

29 Dec

There were many times that I wanted to jump on the computer and post about how exciting it was to have energy again. But with all of my new found energy I was also keeping myself very busy. Then I was stupid enough to go shopping yesterday. I got a couple of gift cards for Christmas and decided that this time I was going to use them on me instead of Rich and the kids. So I was really excited about going out and getting something fun for myself. Then I got to the mall. This is when I remembered how much I hate shopping. The trip ended successfully though. I didn’t do as well sale wise as I usually do, but I scored a hat, scarf and gloves for $5 each. That wasn’t too bad. And I love them. What girl doesn’t love accessories right? I’m also kind of obsessed with hats and scarves.

Today however, I am exhausted. Which would be fine, kids have off of school, Rich took today off to hang out, except for one thing. I booked this entire week, I was a little over zealous with my new found energy. So instead of taking the hour nap that I really want right now, I am about to be entertaining my mother-in-law.

And just in time, she just knocked on the door. I think we’ll go see a movie.

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Posted by on December 29, 2011 in Life with MS


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