The Weekend Ends!

18 Dec

The weekend is finally over!

Yes, I am going to go to bed ridiculously early tonight.

I just wanted to share a couple of things that made me happy this weekend.

My side of the family exchanged presents at my party on Saturday. Which of course was mass chaos. It was a lot of fun though. I got a couple of presents that were really thoughtful and totally unexpected that I wanted to share. First, my grandmother got me a watch that looks like a snake wrapped around my wrist. My Aunt actually has this same watch and my grandmother remembered me admiring it and bought me one. Love It! Second my mom got me a luggage tag that has the stick figure family on it and my address. The best part about that is that the stick figures are personalized. So Rich’s stick figure is wearing a little suite, mine has shopping bags, Tyler’s is dressed like a Jedi, and Noah’s is a pirate, complete with a sword and a bird on his shoulder. My favorite part was that she got the same stick figures as a sticky for my car. 🙂 Then and most surprising of them all, was my little brother. He has always made fun of me (good, sarcastic fun, but fun none the less) and my eye problems. I have always had an issue driving at night and after having optic neuritis, it just got worse. Well the headlights on my Jeep are less than adequate. So John got me new ones! He even installed them for me. Best little brother ever.  Oh and I almost forgot, my older brother gave me a funny. I have a slight obsession with Vampires. He got me an energy drink that is packaged to look like a bag of blood that you would hang from an IV. 🙂 Very fun. Not sure if I am actually going to drink it…. But very fun!

The other thing that was good this weekend was that I got some exercises that I can do with my hands. She, my sister in-law who also happens to be an OT, wants me to do them 3 times a day if I can handle it. I tried them out tonight when she showed me what to do and my left hand didn’t want to move for the next hour. I am going to try them tomorrow morning and see how I do. Hopefully I’ll have enough energy left in my hand to write another post to describe what she has me doing. I also told her about my left leg having issues. She’s going to talk to some people at work and get back to me with what they say. Hopefully I’ll have good news about that too, but that might come later.

For now, I’m off to bed. Another long week has come to an end, and another one begins.

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