11 Oct

Today is my third MRI. I feel like I should be placing bets on whether or not I’m about to make it 3 for 3. My first 2 MRIs came back with new white spots. I will actually be surprised if this one doesn’t also come back showing new spots. At least the results for this usually come back pretty quick. That is if they are willing to share over the phone. They have been so far, but new doc, new rules right? We shall see.

Things have definitely been worse for me since it was confirmed that the copaxone isn’t working. I am aware that this is most likely a psychological thing and not so much a physical thing. I have always been a big believer in the “knowledge is power” thought process. However right now I would rather go with “ignorance is bliss”. And right now I can’t stop thinking about the Matrix. 🙂 But honestly with everyone giving me the, “Yeah you’re ok RIGHT NOW”. Like there is a ticking time bomb in my brain just waiting to explode.  I think I’d take the other pill.

I’m not expecting my next post will have good news. I am pretty confident that I have decided what route I am going to take medication wise, but not completely. This decision sucks! Next week I am going to a seminar that is being given by the company that makes Gilenya, and my Doc is one of the speakers. That should be interesting. Maybe I’ll learn something new and less scary. Or more likely new and more scary that will help in my decision making.

Most importantly, this time, I am remembering to bring socks to the MRI. 🙂

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