Listen People I’m Still Good

22 Sep

Recently I got to experience more people finding out about me having MS. People’s reactions aren’t ever really new. One thing that I get a lot of is stories about other people that they know with MS. I actually quit enjoy these stories. It is very interesting to me to hear how other people are doing. What have they had to go through and how are they handling it. I especially like to hear about what medication they are on and how they feel about it. That last one is actually rare for other people to share though.

There was one thing that I either never noticed before, or I was getting this for the first time. After being told that I was lucky they had the distinct tone in their voice that it wouldn’t last long. I agree with these people in the fact that I am lucky. Besides the tired crap and the eye sight being worse than it was before if that’s possible, I’m good. I feel like the next time I go to the neuro they are going to say “Ooops, just kidding, you can stop taking your shots now”. I realize that this is a dangerous thought process and I am probably setting myself up for a fall, but yeah normalcy. However, I don’t like it when people make it sound like I’m on a short fuse. Like any minute now I could break down. I have reentered my little world of nothing bad is going to happen to me and I like it here. I’d like to stay a lot longer.

So to anyone out there that thinks that because I have a diagnosis of MS that means that I am doomed to fall down the rabit hole, I say I’m still standing and it is possible that that will never change. (At the same time thinking, I hope I’m right, I hope I’m right.)

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