26 Aug

Irene is on her way.

For those of you not on the East Coast of the US Irene is a hurricane.  

I’m not really terribly concerned. I am pretty land locked where I live. However, my town (the actual town part) is riddled with small creeks that are spillovers for the Delaware River. So it is very possible that my town could flood. What I am concerned about is the 100 mile an hour winds. My new shed, which I put up this summer, will not be able to handle that. I am hoping for 45mph winds. The “experts” still haven’t decided whether or not the eye of the storm (if there is still an eye) is going to go directly over my house. I think that would be very cool, from a storm lover’s prospective. There would definitely be picture taking, maybe a video. = ) Ok secondly, I am concerned about the trees. I have a giant pine tree in my back yard that is already leaning dangerously. If the ground becomes too wet, combined with the strong winds, it’s coming down. Not in a good way. It will fall on the kids play set. So again, I am hoping for less severe winds.

I feel for all of the people who live on any of the barrier islands. I’m afraid that they are going to get completely wiped out. I’m glad there was an emergency evacuation and it seems like people are listening. I have a very close friend who literally lost her house in Katrina. It floated down the street and landed in the side of a building, on top of a truck. = (   

I hope that everybody stays safe this weekend. And that I have no catastrophes to report on Monday!

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