01 Aug

This is the time of summer that I dread. We have successfully blown through all of the money that we had allotted for summer fun, the kids are starting to act like caged animals (in an insane running around like maniacs kind of way) and I have by far hit my wits end.

So what to do?

This was the question I had to ask myself last night after my mother-in-law called and said, “Hey I’m coming over tomorrow let’s do something fun.”

Something fun, in the summer, in the heat, that has to cost next to nothing but yet still gets the animals out of their cage.

My addled brain was not working well enough to answer this question. Then (and leave it to facebook right?) one of the websites I follow posted in FB that August is American Adventures Month. So I got to thinking about adventures and have planned one for my tiny band of misfits.

First we are going to stop at WaWa (love that place) to pick up a little picnic lunch. Then off to the park.

Smithville Park

              -Which doesn’t have a website, and I really feel that every business or park as the case is, should have a website. It just makes life so much easier. If you want to look it up it’s “Historic Smithville Park in Burlington County NJ”

Has a trail that I really love. It starts with the picnic benches under pergolas for our lunch, then on to the playground to de-crazy my kids, and then a beautiful 3 mile trail through woods that occasionally has you walking past a very large creek, or up and down stairs and over bridges and then finishes with a long floating bridge over a lake filled with water lilies, frogs, dragon flies, and the occasional kayaker.

I figured we would finish this little adventure with a stop at a place called White Dotte’s. Which is a little hole in the wall (or farm) that we kind of stumbled upon a couple of months ago. They make homemade soft serve ice cream using whatever fruits are in season. All of which is made using products from their farm, in which the stand is actually on. I think that my mother-in-law will like this part a lot. She is a really big fan of all things natural and healthy.

Hopefully this isn’t my only brilliant idea for cheap summer fun considering the fact that this is the 1st of August and I have an entire month until school starts again. AH!

(I waited until afterwards to post this so that I could include pictures)

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