I survived my first Yoga class

28 Jul

I have done Yoga before at home from tv or tapes, even with a personal instructor, but I have never been to a class before tonight. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was always afraid that they would be really hard and full of tall beautiful pretzel women that would just totally destroy my self-esteem.

Well I was only partially right. My self-esteem stayed in check. The class wasn’t too hard. Don’t get me wrong it was really hard, but I tried everything. Most of the poses I was able to hold and some of them almost had me hysterically laughing. Which seemed to be a frowned upon response. But all the same, I attempted them all.

And it’s possible that my self-image has just gotten to the point that I don’t care anymore what other people look like or think of how I look. The only girl that bothered me was the one on the mat next to me. Of course right? It had nothing to do with her looks, I was not impressed. However, she spent a good deal of the class typing into her cell phone. Very un Namaste. Then at the end of class she had to primp her hair before leaving the room. OH MY!  

As for the Yoga itself, I loved it. It is something that seems to defy my reasoning however. You spend 60 minutes working crazy hard, but leave the gym feeling like you just took a nap. I was good the whole time. Felt very alert and working hard to stay in and move into poses that seemed impossible. After class I rolled up my mat, put my sneakers back on and walked to my car. That’s when I realized the drugged feeling. I was starting to feel like Homer Simpson with his first doughnut after a failed attempt at a diet.

Nothing could go wrong in the world.

Leave it to Yoga to get you to sweat for an hour and leave like you were at the spa. I may never understand, but I can’t wait to do it again. Definitely a de-stressing experience.

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