Cradle and All by: James Patterson

27 Jul

This was my first James Patterson book, but it has sent me looking for my second.

It is a tragic, supernatural, religious telling of the ultimate good versus evil. You turn every page faster and faster trying to find out the truth of what has happened to the two girls in this story. Not to mention what is going to happen to them and their babies. One of them is carrying God’s child while the other is carrying Satan’s. It is extremely unclear how this happened in the first place and who is carrying which. The world around them is going crazy with famine and plagues. And a PI, who is also a former nun, and a priest are sent to investigate. Personally I’d love to hear the back story on those two, but their stories were mere blips on the craziness that ensued with the others. Unlike other detective stories where I try to figure out the who done it, I was too absorbed in this story to figure out in time which child was good and which was evil. After I finished reading the book I found myself going through the story in my mind and saying “Of Course, I can’t believe I didn’t see that”. But when they threw that baby over the cliff, I still wasn’t sure which was which until the next paragraph. Talk about hanging on the edge of your seat. Sorry if you haven’t read it and I just gave something away.

The only negative thing to this book is that there isn’t a book two to this story. I think that it deserves one and that Patterson would do a fantastic job imagining it.

Cradle and All was a mesmerizing read and I am looking forward to my next experience in James Patterson’s world.

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