Heat, oh sorry Beach Vacation with MS

22 Jul

This vacation has just slammed home the “I hate MS” feeling that I get every time that it screws with my life. I officially started to get hang-overs without drinking any alcohol. That’s fun.

I did my due diligence though. I made sure I had an arsenal of information before I went on a week beach vacation in the middle of July. There were a whole lot of things that were suggested to help with heat. I believe that I did all of them.

They say that you should pre-cool. So I had the room at a low temperature and the ceiling fans on.

They said that if you eat spicy food that that also helps lower your body temperature. So I bought Snyder’s Jalapeno Pretzel Bits and stored them in my beach bag. I also made sure I had a cooler full of water. I stayed very hydrated.

They said that when possible cool off in the ocean or pool. Well let me tell you, I spent the majority of the time in the ocean & pool. Of course, the kids constantly wanting to go swimming helped significantly with that. Anytime I finally got to sit down under the umbrella with my book it was “mom can we go to the pool?” or “mom can I take the boogie board out?”. Sometimes those kids are so lucky that I love them so much.

I even tried those neck wraps that are supposed to keep you cool. I say supposed, because they didn’t work so great. The packaging says that they will dry rapidly, which is only true if you consider 2 days rapid. They leak all over you, however, while already wet that isn’t such a big deal. The fact that they put pressure on the back of your neck however is. They started giving me a headache and weren’t doing anything for the heat, so I gave that one up.

All in all I have to say that all of the other things worked. I did find however that I can’t drink alcohol while in the heat or even if I’ve just been in the heat all day and am now in air conditioning. On the 3rd day I decided to give it a try and had a Margarita with dinner. That was a really big mistake. Lesson learned. I felt like crap for the rest of the night. Kind of like having the flu. Definitely not a good thing on vacation. Also, fried food was equally as bad an idea. So new for the list

I say…. Keep the food light and the drinks clear in a non-alcoholic way.  (I’m actually sure that it will say that somewhere online already, but it’s my new proven theory.)

Oh they also say to keep your clothes few and light weight. Well, all I have to say to that is “Bathing Suite People!” I say that that counts. = )

One more thing to add to the don’t list though, NO hot tub. This was something I knew before going. In true Janet form though, I had to see for myself. Well about a minute in I started to get nauseous. SO I got out. The next day I figured, well maybe if I just keep my body out….. That didn’t pan out either. By just putting my feet (up to my knees actually) in raised my temperature so fast that I immediately got nauseous again.  That was a VERY sad realization. I love hot tubs. Next attempt will be; can I do hot tubs if it’s snowing? Sometimes that’s even more fun. = )

Well I hope that my trials and errors help future beach vacationers.

My theory on this vacation is that even my worst day is still a good day if I’m in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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