Q is for Quarry by: Sue Grafton

06 Jul

I know that I refer to these types of books as beach books, but I love them.

Usually I listen to Grafton’s books in the car. It’s convenient since most of her books are made into audio books. This was the first one that I actually read. The interesting part about that is that I still had her voice in my head. Normally that would annoy me. Like when you watch the movie before you read the book (which I always think is a bad idea). I like to envision the characters to look and sound the way that I feel the story makes them look and sound. In this case however, I like the voice that the audio books give the main character. She’s a very strong, independent, organized person. The kind of person that you would like to be for a week.

Something that I have always loved about Grafton’s stories is that they aren’t frilly. They don’t try to incorporate any romances or what I refer to as “girlie” nonsense. I know that coming from a girl that might sound strange, but I love a good murder mystery that is all about the who done it and why. Let’s not complicate things people. It is already crazy enough with entire towns of suspects. By keeping it about the murder, you really get into the details, actually making it harder to figure out who did it before you are told. Grafton really makes you feel like you are the detective running the show, and leaves you guessing until the last page. So for any of you that read the last page first, you will ruin these books. Don’t do it, it’s worth the suspense.

Well, Grafton did not disappoint with Q is for Quarry. I enjoyed this book as much as the rest of the ones that I have read from the alphabet series. Apparently it is based on a real unsolved murder with a special excerpt to contact the correct people if anything about the Jane Doe sounds familiar. Poor dead people without names. It really makes you appreciate the people that would miss you if you were gone.

Ok, so I only have one bad thing to say about this book. I feel like the ending was rushed. Like her publisher said, “I need it today”. So she solved it and ended it in a paragraph while totally leaving the reader hanging for details. Which considering the amount of details in the rest of the book was rather unusual, not to mention annoying. People were shot, murder weapons were hidden, cars were incapacitated, they were stranded in the desert, and then all the sudden everyone is fine and oh yeah it was so and so that did it. And now they are in jail. Other than that though, it was a great read and I definitely suggest it to others.

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