I did it again.

27 Jun

One of these days I really am going to learn. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

I had another one of my whirl wind weekends. Although, before last summer I don’t think that this weekend would have been that bad. Frustrating that we were out with something to do every day, so nothing got done with the house, but not physically debilitating like this weekend was.

Friday was Noah’s 4th birthday. I think that I hit all of the things on his list. Playing in the pool with his cousins, going out for ice-cream, and then dinner at the “place with the elephants and the stars”. This is what happens when you ask a 4 year old what he wants to do on his birthday. We made it a little bit extra for him too. Apparently “the place with the elephants and the stars” is the Rainforest Café. So we took him to the one in Atlantic City. The kids really loved the hotels. They are so done up in their themes it’s really great for them. Nowhere near as cool as Vegas, but some of them put in a good effort. The fountains and waterfalls were their favorite.

Then Saturday was my sister-in-laws HS graduation party. That was a lot of fun, it was an all-day BBQ, pool party that ended with a big bonfire in their new fire pit that really makes you feel like you are in one of the houses from the Frontgate magazines. It is such a beautiful house. We got to spend some time with family that we don’t get to see often so that was really nice.

When I woke up this morning that’s when I realized that I had already done too much. It wasn’t even so much the boat rocking. It was the nauseousness and the fact that none of my pieces would move for me. I barely had enough energy to open my mouth and tell Rich I needed help.  I managed to make it into the shower by 11 and then I slept until 12 again, when we had to leave for the baseball game. I know I really am a glutton for punishment. But how bad could sitting through a baseball game be really? Give me a soft pretzel with some cheese and let me watch the game and I’m good. Of course my kids just aren’t that easy. So to keep them quiet and happy I ended up walking them around the stadium which was not a good idea. That was really the nail in my coffin. When we got home I took a 3 hour nap. So my plan is a day of rest tomorrow. Because we all know that next weekend is going to be just as bad. Or good. It’s a toss-up these days. But YEAH! fireworks. I love the 4th of July.

(apparently I’m still not learning. = ( )

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