Just Another Weekend?!?!?!?!

16 May

I didn’t even realize just how stressed about this past weekend I was until it was over.

This past Saturday my son celebrated his First Holy Communion. I’m not a religious person by any means, however seeing my little monkey so grown up and walking up with everybody to receive the host was wonderful. It is amazing to me to see him act so mature. I made this tiny little thing that is now turning into this wonderful, proud, self-possessed, smart, creative (ok I’ll stop now : ) ) big boy. I know I’m going to be a disaster when he graduates from college (or gets in for that matter).

I love it when at large serious events like this, something unusual and funny happens.

The church was beautiful with lots of flowers all over the place and on all of the pews there were the Family Name Banners that all of the kids made. Thankfully they split the ceremony into 3 different masses over 3 weekends so that there weren’t too many kids at any one of them. So ours had 29 kids receiving their First Holy Communion. You would think that that would make for enough room in the church for everyone. Well I either have an unusually large family, or my church is very small. I actually think it might be a little of both. My husband and I are each one of four children and our siblings are almost all married, some with kids. So no surprise that just our immediate family didn’t fit in our pew. They certainly tried there hardest though. We had to scatter shoulders while sitting so that we would all fit. You know one person would sit up straight and the next would relax back against the pew. And somehow my little one ended up on someone’s lap after yet another person decided that they could squeeze in. It was certainly entertaining. But the best part was when my mother-in-law broke the pew. I’m not even sure she knows that everyone saw her. She made the mistake of moving, just to cross her legs, and hit the pew in front of her and the little box that holds the books went flying. I would have gotten it on camera if it weren’t for the church’s stupid no camera rule. She fixed it with her best attempt at hidding it from everyone while we all made our best attempt at not craking up and ruining the spiritual mood in the church. : )

Ah but the party. There is always a party.

I was procrastinating with everything for this. And when I was cleaning the house on Friday I really just wanted to cancel the party. The last couple of times that we threw one of these by the end I was half blind and sailing through rough seas. So seeing that this was an even larger party with more people being invited I was worried. Even Rich was like, Janet don’t do too much on Friday, you still have to make it through Saturday. And then there was the perfectionist in me that was really nervous about the fact that I was leaving a lot of things in someone else’s hands. We had it catered, which is new for us, but like I said, big party. And I wasn’t going to be there when the guests (or food) arrived because I was still going to be at the church taking pictures.

Well I have to say that everything ran amazingly well. My dad acted as host for me until I got back from church and he set up all the food from the caterers. Honestly if it hadn’t been for my parents this party would not have been so wonderful.

At the end of the party Rich came up to me, gave me a big hug and asked me how I was doing. I didn’t think about this question, I just responded that I was good. He looked at me and said you know last time we did this you were walking into walls and trying your hardest to avoid having to talk to anyone. I guess that I was a little bit more of a mess than I like to admit. : (  But at the end of this one I said “MS? What MS?” And thank you brain for letting me feel normal again. Or better yet, thank you brain for making it not even a thought! = )

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