Steroids Again

19 Apr

Alright so I gave in. I went to the doctor’s yesterday for whatever is going on with my neck. Which of course ending up being it’s own little problem. I tried to go to my neurologist, because it was really starting to feel more like a brain thing. When I called to make an appointment I found out that she is on vacation until next week. And then when she gets back she is working in the hospital for that week. They were asking me to wait 2 weeks to see anybody. Well I decided that I don’t have that kind of patients. So my next call was to my GP, who promptly made me an appointment for that afternoon. Yeah!

At the doctors I tell her what’s going on and her reaction is to do a neurological test. So I guess I was right about that. Apparently I failed the test because her next course of action was to find out why there was no one at my neuro’s office that could see me. They clearly did not impress her so she then put in a call to a neurologist that she is associated with that specializes in MS. Well this new doctor decided that I need a new MRI and that I should be on steroids immediately. She also squeezed me into her booked until July schedule, because she feels I need to be seen. They are just making my day one comment at a time here.

Next stop pharmacy for my steroids. At least I was seen immediately though.  I started taking the steroids last night and today my neck isn’t bothering me nearly as much. Hopefully by tonight I don’t feel like I need a neck brace to hold my head up because my neck just can’t handle the job anymore. And unfortunately it has spread to my ears, which is just REALLY weird. : (  Something that I have unhappily found out about these attacks is that the longer you are untreated, the worse it gets. Last time it started with dizziness which progressed into serious eye problems, which then started making my upper lip unusable. So I am very glad to be on the steroids so quickly.

By this time next week I will have had my MRI and seen a new Neurologist. That hopefully I like, because I really need to switch to one that actually specializes in MS. And hopefully to a practice that has more than one Neurologist that can help me at any given time. What if it hadn’t been something this simple. What if I couldn’t see or walk? Was I just supposed to wait 2 weeks? I mean I know that Neurologists are busy and all but come one.

So here’s to hoping that my “soft symptoms” as they called them, go away fast.

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